15 Pit Bulls Sure To Make You Smile

#1 This Adorable Guy

15 Pit Bulls Who Will Definitely Brighten Your DaySource: i.imgur.com

#2 This guy and his BFF

2 This patient guy who is always there for his best bud.Source: i.imgur.com

#3 This Unlikely Pair 

3 And this kitten cuddler who has supernatural snuggling abilities.Source: imgur.com

#4 This Great Babysitter 

4 This superb babysitter who lets her little human stay up past her bed time.Source: i.imgur.com

#5 This Cutie Who Is Just As Sweet Before & After 

5 And this guy who proves that pit bulls are even CUTER once they’re full grown.Source: i.imgur.com

#6 This Smiley Lady 

5 And this guy who proves that pit bulls are even CUTER once they’re full grownSource: i.imgur.com

#7 This Teeny Tiny Ball Of Perfection 

6 This girl who is making the world a better place simply by SMILING.Source: i.imgur.com

#8 This Frolicking Friend 

7 This ball of happiness and perfection frolicking through a meadow.Source: i.imgur.com

#9 This Itty Bitty Buddy 

9 This teeny tiny adventurerSource: i.imgur.com

#10 This Excellent Travel Companion 

10 This guy whoSource: i.imgur.com

#11 This Cuddle Monster

11 This pit bull who proves that pitsSource: i.imgur.com

#12 This Blue Eyed Beauty 

12 This lil guy who just wants to nap with you forever.Source: i.imgur.com

#13 And This Girl With Such Poise 

13 And this girl with her perfect sitting postureSource: i.imgur.com

#14 This Picture Perfect Smiler 

14 This smiler who could bring joy to even the coldest heart.Source: imgur.com

#15 And Well Just Look… 

15 This girl who has the world’s most adorable begging face.Source: i.imgur.com