15 HILARIOUS Pranks Your Friends Will Never See Coming

1.  Hopefully your friends are fans of minty Oreos!

1. Some poor soul is not going to get what they ordered. Source: holdinholden.com

2. Personally, I would love if someone pulled this prank on me.

2. This person broke the circle of trust. Source: reddit.com / marco262

3. Priceless

3. Confuse the technologically-challenge coworker.Source: reddit.com / adiscogolfer

4. Such thoughtful parents.

4. Give your child the gift of a heart attack this year.Source: reddit.com / nickelmedia

5. Well, at least you won’t have to worry about washing your car.

5. This takes cleaning off your car to a whole other level.Source: menshumor.com

6. This is taking office plants to a whole other level.

6. This probably isn't what they meant by making the office greenSource:  Flickr.com / wetwebwork

7. An April Fools prank you will never top.

7. In case you ever come across a box of keys... Source: reddit.com / blink_and_youre_dead

8. The dark days of 90s Microsoft Word have come back to haunt you!

8. Clippy was better left forgotten.Source: themetapicture.com

9. Oh, I thought they were supposed to go there…

9. At least now you have an excuse for dodging your boss's calls.Source: tickld.com / dork5lancer

10. Hemay protest, but he’s totally got Bieber fever.

10. This desk is next level. Source: reddit.com/ NightPhoenix

11. uhh, maybe this one isn’t such a good idea

11. Sometimes it's hard to predict how a person will react to your prank.Source: reddit.com / AndresDM

12. The dedication in this one is admirable.

12. If you have time (and an addiction to Chinese takeout) this might be the prank for you. Source: reddit.com /PrayForSnow

13. Always read the label twice.

13. Use with caution.Source: mefunnysideup

14. What says friendship more than discovering your bestie’s head in a jar.

14. Could you pass the pickled headSource: 9GAG

15. Jell-O stapler, always a classic.

15. Hide your coworker's favorite things in Jell-O.Source: tumblr / Unidentified Redhead