20 Hilarious Photos With The Most EPIC Timing

Don’t you love it when you take a photo and something happens in that split second to make the photo look kinda weird and sometimes COMPLETELY different? We know we do, which is why we’ve gathered our favorite awesomely timed photos and put them together in a slideshow for your leisure.

If you don’t crack a smile at number no. 16 then you’d better hand in your sense of humor card!

1. Check out this Ice-Skating, head pooping extraordinaire!

2. The new Olympics logo is pretty epic

Source: diply.com

Source: diply.com

3. Gosh, I wonder why that dog is so pleased?


Source: webburger.com

4. If ever there was an incentive to quit air travel


Source: Reddit.com

5. Well this is just perfect

6. Little guy wants in on the selfie action!

7. Just casually walking on the moon, no biggy!

8. What else can I say except “wow”?!

9. Popular giraffe snacks include vines, herbs and low flying planes.

10. I need a dog like this the next time I crack out the barbecue!

Source: diply.com

Source: diply.com

11. Well isn’t this just precious!

12. I heard hockey was violent but wow.


Source: nedhardy.com

13. Having fun there, you guys?

14. It’s not often you see a Geisha riding the bus to work!


Source: nedhardy.com

15. If you look again you’ll notice that he isn’t in fact that happy to see you.


Source: funnie.st

16. And here we have the world’s first human/llama hybrid!

Source: diply.com

Source: diply.com

17. This is not appropriate beach behavior you guys!

18. There’s a lot of trouble going down around the ol’ red cup tonight

19. Weeeee

20. Oh dear…

Source: diply.com

Source: diply.com