The 33 Ultimate Beauty Hacks That You Need In Your Life

The world of beauty and makeup can be a little hard to navigate sometimes. With so many products on the market and so many youtube beauty gurus and makeup artists giving us all sorts of tips and advice it can be hard to know what to buy and who to believe. Well, we can’t exactly tell you who’s right and who’s wrong but what we can do is provide you with some beauty hacks that’ll make it all just a little bit easier. Read on 33 for ways you can revolutionize your makeup routine!

1. Get the fake eyelash effect with baby powder.

Between each coat of mascara grab yourself a q-tip, dip in baby powder and run it along your lashes for a naturally fuller look. Who’d have known!

2. Here is the best way to avoid lipstick on your teeth!

After applying your lipstick, put your finger in your mouth and pull it out. This will make any excess lipstick stick to your finger and not to your teeth!

3. Make your eye shadow pop by using white eyeliner as a base.

4. Another great use for white eyeliner: highlighting your cupid’s bow

5. Trim your split ends yourself with this foolproof method

6. Did you know you can use mascara as eyeliner?

7.  Always re-use your old mascara brushes

When you purchase  a fancy shmancy mascara it isn’t the formula you’re paying for but the brush. So next time you decide to splurge on an expensive mascara make sure to keep the brush and use with your less expensive new tubes.

8. Saline drops can make your dried mascara as good as new.

9. Staying with mascara, here’s how to get the most out of your mascara application

10. Another trick, this time for saving old mascara, is to stick the tube in a mug filled with boiling water for five minutes.



11. Want quick waves?

Simply flat iron your braids et voila, instant and long-lasting waves.

12. Want glitter nails without the hardship of removing it later?

Use Elmer’s glue as a base coat and then whatever glitter nail polish you desire. When you’re over the glittered nail look

13. I bet you didn’t a gradiated manicure could be so easy

14. Did you know dry shampoo actually works better when you apply it the night before rather than on the day you need it?

15. Speaking of dry shampoo, here’s a simple, homemade version that’s just as good as store bought stuff!

16. Want in on the ombre trend without paying $$$? Do it yourself with this pony tail dying method.

17. To get the perfect cupid’s bow, apply your lip liner like this.



18. Don’t waste $$$ at Sephora on a new lip plumping lip gloss when it’s so easy to make your own.

19. Not sure about contouring? Simply follow the pattern below.

20. Here is the correct way to apply under eye concealer.

21. This rubber band trick is the perfect way to get a french manicure if you’ve got wobbly hands.

22. Get the most out of your make-up by cutting the tube in half when it seems to be getting empty.



You’ll be surprised at how much product is left inside. Stored it in a separate jar.

23. The easiest way to get a perfectly dramatic winged eyeliner shape is to draw the outline first and color it in later.

24. Another surprisingly easy method is using a spoon!

25. Want your lipsticks, lip liners and perfumes to last longer? Store them in the refrigerator.

26. Want your bold, bright lipsticks to stay all day?

The best way to do this is to hold a tissue your lips after lipstick application and dust translucent powder over your lips.

27. Wow, T-shirts! Who would have thunk it?

28. Need to save some money?



Baby shampoo can work just as well as some of those expensive high end cleansers!

29. These are the best places to apply perfume.

30. Want your nails to dry faster?



Try spraying them with cooking spray!

31. Orange primer works wonders if you suffer from bags beneath your eyes

32. Use colored eyeliner and blend it out for a simple yet effective smoky eye.

33. Run out of gel liner? Not to worry!