30 Bizarre Cake Decorating Fails That Shouldn’t Have Happened (But We’re Glad They Did)

Oh you cake decorators. You had one job you guys… One job.

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Source: Imgur

It’s bad enough when your farmlands are fallow, let alone your birthday cake.

I’m really not quite sure what the customer was going for with this cake request…

Turning 30 can be tough, stars and sprinkles will definitely soften the blow.

If you think about it, this is kind of poetic..

What’s better than an Adam with flowers? An Adam with blue flowers.

That’s good to know cake decorators, real good to know..

Every Bath Day is a Happy one


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 Thank you for the delicious cake in French

Congratulations, Laura!


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You’ve never looked better!


I just…. Huh??

Either these guys did an amazing gardening job or they’re high as hell right now.


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Either way, great weeding you guys, great weeding.

Looks like Arika did not prooffreed the kake

For shame, Arika. For shame.

You know what, the more I think about 40 as an age and a concept, it does.

It really does.

Bust luck is the best kind of luck!


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And here’s to many more!

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Yeah, “Seth”…

If that is your real name.

Also, the fact that the foliage on this cake look like lil green turds is a nice effect, don’t you think?

Don’t we all?

All I’m saying to you now is just happy birthday. That’s it.


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Pure and simple.

But I barely know him!


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On the bright side, there are no periods…


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I couldn’t have said it any better myself!

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Thanks for letting me know about my cake, cake!

Roxanna Christmas to you too!


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I wish you well. But not that well.

I think we all want to take a ride on this particular ship

These guys most definitely overestimated the size of this cake.

Yikes, this guy’s old!

Under Neat it all, we love you Suzanne

We really love you.

Say it… SAY IT!!


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Because a Happy birthday without an eye isn’t a Happy Birthday at all.

Truly, the best Mom in the Would <3


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